OphthalMed LLC

Research with focus on clinical improvements
Testing new ideas, materials and methods
Breakthrough and patented technologies

At Ophthalmed, Research and Development is our corner stone, complemented by consultation with surgeons, cooperation with laser machine manufacturers, and feedback from our distribution network. In a field that started initially with simple designs, we keep dedicating necessary resources to address the increased requirements from surgeons. We explore new concepts and proprietary materials in order to reduce trauma to the patient and increase the efficiency of the surgeon. We strive for perfection by having robust designs with higher reliability.

As the need grows for smaller and multi-functional laser probes, our goal has been to maintain the same effectiveness during the design phases. Driven by innovation, and as we worked outside the box, the 23g and 25g illuminated laser probes with extended tips (bayonet style) [patent pending] were born. These probes are compatible with many laser and illumination machines on the market. Other designs are in the works. We are excited that in the near future, our catalog is going to expand (again), in order to accommodate our newly patented designs.

Every finished product undergoes multiple and extensive testing prior to market release, in accordance with stringent quality requirements. Having a dedicated team that puts quality first, along with a robust design, testing is usually the fun part of the manufacturing process... We are not tired of the word "PASS"