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Illuminated Laser Probe 23g

This 8ft laser/illumination probe is indicated for Endo-Ocular laser photocoagulation treatments in order to provide coagulation and illumination during surgical interventions at laser operating wavelength of 500 to 1,100nm. The laser fiber is terminated from one side with a connector that attaches the fiber end to the laser source. It is terminated from one side with a connector that attaches the fiber end to the illumination machine. From the other side, it is terminated with a handpiece and a 23 gauge stainless steel tubing that holds the tip of the laser and illumination fibers. A flexible plastic jacket covers and protects the length of the fiber.


  • Ergonomic and non-slip handpiece design.
  • Different connectors that suit most laser source models available on the market.
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide, single-use, latex-free.
  • Dia 0.64 mm (23ga), Length 2.4 m (8 ft)

    Illumination Connectors



    With the Nidek Laser Connector - Threaded*






    Alcon Accurus And Constellation Illumination Connector*

    Compatible with standard and high brightness illumination

    • B522203          Straight Tip
    • B572203          Angled Tip
    • B582203          Straight Extended Tip
    • B5B2203          Angled Extended Tip




    19 Gauge Illumination Connector

    • B522103          Straight Tip
    • B572103          Angled Tip
    • B582103          Straight Extended Tip
    • B5B2103          Angled Extended Tip


    Alcon Ocutome Illumination Connector*

    • B522303          Straight Tip
    • B572303          Angled Tip
    • B582303          Straight Extended Tip
    • B5B2303          Angled Extended Tip


    B&L Stellaris PC Illumination Connector*

    Compatible with high brightness illumination

    • B522503          Straight Tip
    • B572503          Angled Tip
    • B582503          Straight Extended Tip
    • B5B2503          Angled Extended Tip


    B&L / Storz Millenium Illumination Connector*

    • B522403          Straight Tip
    • B572403          Angled Tip
    • B582403          Straight Extended Tip
    • B5B2403          Angled Extended Tip

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