OphthalMed LLC

Laser Probe 23g

This 8ft laser probe is indicated for Endo-Ocular laser photocoagulation treatments in order to provide coagulation during surgical interventions at laser operating wavelength of 500 to 1,100nm. It is terminated from one side with a connector that attaches the fiber end to the laser source. From the other side, it is terminated with a handpiece and a 23 gauge stainless steel tubing that holds the tip of the fiber. A flexible plastic jacket covers and protects the length of the fiber.




  • Ergonomic and non-slip handpiece design.
  • 23ga tip for faster patient post operative recovery.
  • Different connectors that suit most laser source models available on the market.
  • Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide, single-use, latex-free.
  • Dia 0.64 mm (23ga). Length 2.4 m (8 ft)


    Click on the below image for a close-up of the tip variations for the 23g laser probe.



    Alcon / Zeiss / Ellex Connector*

    SMA 905 connectivity

    • A827000          Straight Tip
    • A877000          Angled Tip



    Iridex Connector*

    • A828000          Straight Tip
    • A878000          Angled Tip



    DORC (non-USA)*

    • A823000          Straight Tip
    • A873000          Angled Tip



    Quantel Vitra / Supra Connector (Direct)*

    • A829000          Straight Tip
    • A879000          Angled Tip


    Lumenis Connector*

    • A82A000          Straight Tip
    • A87A000          Angled Tip



    Nidek Connector - Threaded*

    • A822000          Straight Tip
    • A872000          Angled Tip



    Nidek Connector - Push-In*

    • A825000          Straight Tip
    • A875000          Angled Tip



    • A82B000          Straight Tip
    • A87B000          Angled Tip



    HGM Connector No Bar Code*

    • A824000          Straight Tip
    • A874000          Angled Tip


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